My spelling is terrible and my handwriting is more like scribble but I’ve always been creative. Before I was a photographer I was a teacher within the prison system. I loved teaching the inmates I.T and design as the personal reward was huge.

      Now almost 12 years as a photographer I can honestly say I love shooting weddings and it never gets boring.

      Every wedding allows for my creative side to flow. The buzz of excitement leading up to every wedding is insane and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


      A little bit about me

      I love being married to my best friend Sarah. Our children Chloe and Charlie makes us smile, shout and pull our hair out everyday ha ha.

      I’m known for my bubbly and down to earth personality. I’m a softy and get great pleasure in making others smile and feel good about themselves.

      I’m the guy that people let off steam too, then we sit and form a plan to move forward. I try to find the positive in everything and I strongly believe that laughter is the best medicine.

      Family time is the key to my success

      We often jump in the car and head to Blackpool to grab a tray of chips and mess around on the beach.

      It’s never a dull moment in our house. We have spent many nights arguing which way the snake sends you in snakes and ladders.

      Betty Boo is the leader when Sarah isn’t at home. In Case you’re wondering that’s our gorgeous four legged friend.

      Family walks with betty are a perfect way to dust off the comb webs plus you can’t hear our Charlie shouting down the mic whilst playing Fortnite on the PS4.

      Netflix Nights

      Oh yes and I can’t forget about our Netflix nights. We love nipping the shop for goodies and pop while Sarah is at home choosing the film and closing the blinds ready for our film night.

      Without my family I would be lost. The amount of drive they give me to be successful in both work and as a husband and dad is incredible.

      Everything I do is for them, I’m happy with a grab bag of peanut M&M’s just as long as they have everything they need.

      I am who I am

      I stopped trying to be one of the cool kids along time ago. The fact is that I’ve got a heart of gold with a desire to please people.

      Yes I’ve got a chubby belly but hey I’m working on that although there is nothing I can do about my potato head ha ha.

      If you love my work and personality then let’s chat over a coffee.

      selfie of man and wife
      boy swimming under water
      girl swimming under water
      family selfie