Bride with Anxiety 

A journal post to help brides that suffer from anxiety.

A wedding photography style that helps a bride with anxiety.

a bride feeling anxious

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It’s not a magic red pill to take it all away but my style of photography can certainly help.


Hey, my name is Gav, if you’re an anxious bride and please believe me that you’re not alone. My style of wedding photography may just be what you’re looking for.

Does the thought of having to pose for a photographer with all eyes on you send your heart racing and not in a good way?

In normal life do you avoid being the centre of attention?

If the answer is yes. Then my documentary style will help with your anxiety and stress levels.

I want you to enjoy every second of your wedding day. My style is unobtrusive and I would never ask you to perform for the camera.

Ultimately I want you to be yourself, warts and all.

Watch the clip, I believe I can help you.

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Relax & enjoy the day that you’ve lovingly planned

Why am I the answer?


My style of wedding photography is perfect for couples that don’t like to pose.

It’s for brides & grooms that run a mile from the limelight. I’m for the couples that understand the value of photographs but don’t want to take centre stage.

What if I told you that you can have beautiful wedding photographs that capture the beating heart of your day without zero direction from me. Most of the time you won’t even notice I’m there.

If you’re a bride with anxiety, a couple that feels awkward posing in front of a camera or hates the fact of having all eyes on you then my documentary style is your answer.

Find out more about my style here.

What is documentary wedding photography?


How does the thought of going on an hour-long photoshoot where you are told how to look, how to stand & how to kiss resonate with you?

If the above sounds like a nightmare then documentary wedding photography is perfect for you.

Documentary wedding photography is a candid style of photography.

The photographer doesn’t interfere, move things or ask you to pose.

A documentary wedding photographer will not direct in any way. This allows your day to naturally flow.

This style of wedding photography allows the documentary wedding photographer to capture your wedding day authentically.

why I love this photograph

Just be yourself.


With everything said, I just want you to totally be yourself. I haven’t got a judgemental bone in my body.

I’m not there to tell you what to do or how to hold your flowers.

My amazing job is to simply document your wedding day in my storytelling approach.

Hey, whether you’re a bride with anxiety or not. Please just be yourself and enjoy every second of your incredible wedding day!


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