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What does a documentary wedding photographer do?

Documentary wedding photography is a candid style of photography.

The photographer doesn’t interfere, move things or ask you to pose.

A documentary wedding photographer will not direct in any way. This allows your day to naturally flow.

This style of wedding photography allows the documentary wedding photographer to capture your wedding day authentically.


Photographing your wedding day as a documentary wedding photographer gives you photographs that you’ll instantly connect with.

Documentary wedding photography captures fleeting moments that can never be re-created.

Your photographs will have a real sense of, authenticity, reality & feeling.

Documentary wedding photographer

Telling the story of your day through a series of unposed candid photographs

Your wedding day is filled with incredible moments

This style of wedding photography allows you to completely enjoy your day.

Heartfelt moments are impossible to contrive. Real emotion can’t be turned on like a tap.

Stay in the heart of your wedding, enjoying the day you have so lovingly prepared.

Why Hire a Documentary wedding photographer?

Surely you don’t want your guests standing in straight lines waiting for hundreds of group photographs to be taken.

How does the thought of going on an hour-long photoshoot where you are told how to look, how to stand & how to kiss sound to you?

If the above sounds like a nightmare then documentary wedding photography is perfect for you.

why I love this photograph

Photographs packed with incredible moments & powered by your story!

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Documentary Wedding Photographer FAQs

I hope this helps with any questions that you may have about documentary wedding photography.

Will a documentary wedding photographer capture the details?

Yes, a good documentary wedding photographer will photograph the details e.g room decoration, the grounds etc. These details are very much part of your wedding day and aid in telling a complete story of your day.

Will documentary wedding photographs organise group photographs?

Although the real story lies within the fabric of you and your guests. Typically documentary wedding photographers will set aside a limited amount of time for group photographs.

Most often these photographs are taken fairly quickly to allow the photographer to carry on shooting candidly.

How do I know if documentary wedding photography is the best wedding photography style for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to be taken on hour-long photo shoots?
  • Do I want my guests standing in straight lines for long periods of time?
  • Do I want the photographer to direct the day?
  • Do I want the atmosphere to be ruined as the photographer begins to shout out names for group photographs?

If the answer is NO to the above then, yes documentary wedding photography is the right way to go.

Will a documentary wedding photographer take photographs of both of us together?

Generally, documentary wedding photographers candidly capture you with each other and your guests enjoying the moment.

Some documentary wedding photographers may suggest that you go for a little stroll around the grounds and they will capture you walking together.


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Gav is an exceptional and creative photographer. He put us at ease from the very beginning, when we had a virtual coffee to discuss the wedding day and the program for the actual day itself. He was incredibly thorough with the planning of the day and ran through each and every step ahead of the big day.

On the wedding day itself, Gav was punctual, smartly dressed and arrived with a passion and energy that was contagious. His professionalism and attention to detail throughout the day was impeccable, nothing was too much trouble and all our guests commented on how relaxed he made them feel. I am not comfortable having my photo taken but Gav’s style really helped me to enjoy the experience in front of the camera and the photographs he took were phenomenal! Whole heartedly recommend Gav.
Diane Bolton

Gav did our wedding in October last year and I still cry every time I look at the pictures!

He does an amazing job of capturing every emotion on the day and I hardly knew he was there.

He made us all feel at ease and he is such a positive, happy person, perfect for your wedding day!

Our pictures tell the story of our day perfectly, we couldn’t recommend Gav enough

Megan Gordon

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