Me & My Family

A little bit about me

me & my family

A little bit about me

What you see is what you get

My wife and kids mean everything to me. Everything I do in life is for them.

Hey, I’m as happy as can be with a grab bag of peanut M&M’s and a huge coffee as long as my family has everything that they need.

There’s no sides to me at all. I’m a down to earth bubbly guy that enjoys a deep down and dirty belly laugh.


The things I love

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you helped somebody out.

I love it when somebody tells me their good knows. Listening to other people’s breakthroughs is just awesome.

Above everything, the thing I love the most is family time!


Photographs packed with incredible moments & powered by your story!

boy swimming under water

Fun, Love & Happiness 

As a family, we just love having fun. Life is serious enough so when we have a day together it’s all about FUN!

I still act the prat but now the kids are older I’m just an embarrassment haha.

One of our favourite days out is loading the car with sweats & pop and heading to Blackpool.


Family walks with our fur ball Bella Boo is just ace.

We all love Ingleton falls. The major bonus is that there’s zero wifi so we can’t hear my son Charlie shouting down the headset whilst playing call of duty.

When we finally decide on the film, sitting down together with popcorn is just perfect.

A little bit about me

My spelling is terrible and my handwriting is more like a scribble. However, Give me a camera and I’ll make awesome photographs.

I’ve always been a hands-on visual learner. I’ve always loved photography and my passion to take photographs grows each and every time I pick up the camera.

I’m cuddly with a slap head. I’m known for my hugs and I save a fortune at the barbers.

I used to teach

I loved my job as a teacher within the prison system. The reward was huge and it felt so good knowing that I was helping people.

My goal was simple really. Help as many people as possible and hopefully aid in the change of a person’s direction.

Helping others is the key to owning your happiness. Whenever you can just pay it forward. 

In a nut shell

I’m a happy go lucky fella that loves the simple things in life.

Super chilled and enjoy’s a good deep down and dirty belly laugh.

I delight in everyone and anyone doing well for themselves. Always here to listen and offer advice.

Family time is on the top of my wish list every day.

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