Photo films & real weddings 

      brides mother looking at her daughter have her hair and makeup done
      horse wearing a vale taken by Liverpool wedding Photographer Gavin Alexander
      proud father in the wedding car with the bride
      bride and groom moody high contrast shade photograph
      father walking bride down the aisle in black and white
      bride and groom portrait in a busy shopping arcade
      bride and bridesmaid arriving at the church
      bride having her makeup done
      bride and groom walking away
      bride and groom laughing while signing the wedding register
      bridesmaid putting her shoes on
      bride and groom kissing on the grounds of west tower
      the back of the bride and groom while they holds hands and kiss
      bride and groom laughing while holding each other out side West Tower taken by Liverpool Wedding Photographer Gavin Alexander
      bride and groom sunset silhouette
      Liverpool wedding photographer Gavin Alexander photographing wedding guest enjoying themselves after the wedding ceremony
      bride and groom sitting on a bench with leaf shade on the wall behind them
      bride and groom dancing to there first dance
      bride running in the rain
      bride and groom waiting to be announced in for the wedding breakfast to begin