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About me

Don’t like having your picture taken? I can help you with that!

I’m Gav “the friendly candid wedding photographer” specialist in capturing the beautiful moments of your day without telling you where to stand or how to smile.

If you are anything like me you value the importance of photographs but probably avoid the camera like the Avon lady knocking on your door. 

The problem with this is that my wife and children and even myself would much rather have a picture of me than live with the regret of not.

This lead me to develop a style of photography that is perfect for camera-shy couples like myself.

Family man, coffee junkie & cake addict! Read More

My approach

I totally get it, your looking for a photographer that will blend in and put you at ease from the get-go!

I’m a pie and chips type of guy, down-to-earth and gifted with an ability to make others feel at ease and relaxed.

During your day I’m putting myself in your shoes. I hate the camera so it won’t be shoved in front of your face every five seconds. Nor do I take you on an hour-long photo shoot putting you in awkward poses and asking you to say cheese.

My approach is simple but very effective. I just want you to enjoy every moment with your family & friends.

It’s true, everyone loves natural-looking photographs filled with love, joy and happiness and that’s exactly what you get!

On your wedding day, you’ll find me blending in with your guests happily capturing the heart-tugging moments and all the things you thought you missed.

Virtual cuppa over zoom or face time

Hey guys I’d love to have a virtual cuppa and a chat about you and your wedding day.

If this sounds like your cup of tea let me know a few dates that you’re free and I’ll flick the kettle on.

Complete the form here and let’s organise a virtual cuppa.