Weddings at Wrenbury Hall

By Gavin Alexander

Wrenbury Hall

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall are set in a beautiful and historic country house located in the heart of Cheshire, England. The venue offers a unique and romantic setting for couples looking to tie the knot in style.

This luxury wedding venue is surrounded by picturesque gardens and countryside, making it the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony. The gardens offer a variety of spaces for a ceremony, from the charming Rose Garden to the tranquil Walled Garden, there is a spot for every couple’s style and vibe.

For couples looking for an indoor ceremony, Wrenbury Hall also offers a variety of elegant and spacious rooms that can accommodate ceremonies of all sizes. The grand Great Hall is a beautiful space, with its high ceilings, ornate fireplace, and grand chandelier, it offers a truly grand and elegant setting for your special day.

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall are simply beautiful!

weddings at wrenbury hall

Reception rooms

After your wedding ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a reception in one of Wrenbury Hall’s many reception rooms. The Drawing Room is a popular choice, with its large fireplace, chandeliers and beautiful views over the gardens. The venue can cater for a variety of reception styles, whether it’s a formal sit-down meal or a more relaxed buffet.

Make a night of it and enjoy breakfast with your nearest and dearest. Wrenbury Hall offers accommodation for up to 26 guests in the main house, and further accommodation in the adjacent cottages. This allows you and your guests to relax and enjoy the whole wedding experience without the need to travel.

bride and groom enjoying their wedding at Wrenbury Hall
reception room at wrenbury hall

Weddings at Wrenbuy Hall are in safe hands. The team at Wrenbury Hall are experienced in planning and coordinating weddings and are on hand to help create a personalised and memorable event for you and your guests. They understand that every wedding is unique and will work with you to ensure that your special day is perfect in every way.

To sum things up, Wrenbury Hall is a truly breathtaking wedding venue, with its stunning architecture, picturesque gardens, and romantic setting, it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for couples looking for a truly special and memorable day. The venue offers a variety of spaces for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, as well as accommodation for the wedding party and guests, making it the perfect location for your special day.

For more information about weddings at Wrenbury Hall visit their website here.


Steph & Sean’s wedding day at Wrenbury Hall

Press play and enjoy the photo film.

Real Storytelling

No Awkward Poses

You Being You

Bride and groom being showered in confetti.

Steph & Sean and why they hired me

I’m a friendly and down-to-earth guy. Gifted with an ability that makes others feel at ease from the get go. My style of photography is like pie and chips. Simple, full of flavour and gets the job done without the fuss.

Steph & Sean are just like me. They value the importance of photographs but don’t like having their picture taken. They wanted their day documented without the fuss of endless staged photographs. Instead they wanted all the beautiful moments and everything in between documented without being told where to stand and how to smile. 

All the above sound good to you? Fab, let’s organise a chat!

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall are beautiful in every way. We were blessed with the sun and a stunning blue sky for Steph and Sean’s wedding at Wrenbury Hall. 

Jen and the girls had a blast over in the main house getting ready whilst Sean and the chaps got themselves ready in one of the beautiful modern cottages.

The views from the bedrooms overlook the stunning gardens and woodland.

As their wedding guests began to arrive, you could see them gasp as they approached the main house. They were stunned by the beauty of the building.

Jason the toast Master and the Wrenbury Hall wedding team done a great job in making everyone feel so welcome. The team go the extra mile to ensure your everyone is catered for and enjoying themselves.

Toast master putting a button hole on one of the guests.
wedding guests at wrenbury hall

Oh wow, Steph and Sean’s wedding ceremony was so emotional. They had prepared kind words to say to each other which pulled on every heartstring.

After their ceremony, we went outside and it was beautiful to witness and document the love that all their guests had for them. Wrenbury hall offered a picturesque backdrop to capture the emotion and connections.

As I don’t do all the awkward posing stuff we went and took their dog for a walk instead. Scroll down to see the photos.

Everyone enjoyed drinks and canapes on the lawn listening to live music in the background. Honestly, the atmosphere was perfect!

Before we knew it, the guests were called to enjoy the speeches and wedding breakfast. Shortly after that, it was time for the first dance and party time.

Weddings at Wrenbury Hall are like no other!

bridesmaid having her makeup done
wedding guests at wrenbury hall
wedding guests at wrenbury hall
wedding guests at wrenbury hall
wedding guests at wrenbury hall
wedding guests at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
reception room at wrenbury hall
bride having her makeup done
weddings at Wrenbury Hall
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About me

Don’t like having your picture taken? I can help you with that!

I’m Gav “the friendly candid wedding photographer” specialist in capturing the beautiful moments of your day without telling you where to stand or how to smile.

If you are anything like me you value the importance of photographs but probably avoid the camera like the Avon lady knocking on your door. 

The problem with this is that my wife and children and even myself would much rather have a picture of me than live with the regret of not.

This lead me to develop a style of photography that is perfect for camera-shy couples like myself.

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My approach

I totally get it, your looking for a photographer that will blend in and put you at ease from the get-go!

I’m a pie and chips type of guy, down-to-earth and gifted with an ability to make others feel at ease and relaxed.

During your day I’m putting myself in your shoes. I hate the camera so it won’t be shoved in front of your face every five seconds. Nor do I take you on an hour-long photo shoot putting you in awkward poses and asking you to say cheese.

My approach is simple but very effective. I just want you to enjoy every moment with your family & friends.

It’s true, everyone loves natural-looking photographs filled with love, joy and happiness and that’s exactly what you get!

On your wedding day, you’ll find me blending in with your guests happily capturing the heart-tugging moments and all the things you thought you missed.

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