Series one of “why I love this photograph”.


Every wedding day is unique and has its own story to tell. You and your guests play the main characters and influence the beginning, middle and the end of your story.

I play the role of your storyteller. Through a plan of observing and waiting with anticipation, I photograph a visual storyboard of your day. 

To be honest I love and appreciate every photograph that I take. However, there are always a few that give me a real buzz of “oh ya nailed it”

Okay, so what’s this series all about then?


I’ve decided to create a series of mini-posts about one or two photographs that make me say “oh wow, I love that”.

Each week I’ll explain the reasons why I love it.

My goal is to let you into my way of thinking. I want you to understand why I pressed the shutter button when I did.

Hopefully you will feel the images and connect with them. 

Not one but two

Two interconnecting photographs that pull on the heart strings.


The first photograph



Before I made this picture, I read my surroundings and noticed Kelly’s Dad was waiting patiently in the living room waiting for Kelly to walk in.

Paul is a very gentle man with a huge heart. I saw that he had the kitchen roll at the ready as he knew he would cry.

It was the perfect setting, the natural light was pouring in through the main living room window, and the bridesmaids were waiting in the kitchen area (you can see one of them taking a photograph over Paul’s shoulder).

I knew as I took this photograph I was going to edit it in black and white. The mono edit takes away all distractions in the frame and draws your eye to the focal point of emotion!

It was time


Kelly’s mum shouted, “are you ready Paul?”

As Kelly entered the room, you could hear everyone’s gasp.

Paul instantly begins to cry, steps forward and threw his arms around Kelly.

I love how the tip of the tissue paper just covers Paul’s eye. Look at how Kelly’s right hand is caressing the back of her dad’s head.

You can tell that they are supporting each other through this raw emotional & heartfelt moment.

So much love, support & empathy in one picture.


The second photograph

I know this image wouldn’t win any words as it’s not technically perfect. To be honest I don’t really care about that stuff anyway.

As long as my couples love their photographs I’m a winner. 

Anyway, when Kelly and her dad let go of each other they instantly looked at each with a look that they have shared together over the years.

It’s a look that paints the feelings within. As I mentioned before, yes it’s not technically perfect. But I’d rather give my couples photographs that they’ll instantly connect with (with warts and all).

In my opinion, a photograph that’s taken of a real moment by far ways anything posed.

You can’t recreate a natural moment filled with excitement, atmosphere and emotion!


Series 2 coming soon

Thank you for reading this series and I hope you enjoyed it.


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