Series two of “why I love this photograph”.


Every wedding day is unique and has its own story to tell. You and your guests play the main characters and influence the beginning, middle and the end of your story.

I play the role of your storyteller. Through a plan of observing and waiting with anticipation, I photograph a visual storyboard of your day.

To be honest I love and appreciate every photograph that I take. However, there are always a few that give me a real buzz of “oh ya nailed it”

Okay, so what’s this series all about then?


I’ve decided to create a series of mini-posts about one or two photographs that make me say “oh wow, I love that”.

Each week I’ll explain the reasons why I love it.

My goal is to let you into my way of thinking. I want you to understand why I pressed the shutter button when I did.

Hopefully you will feel the images and connect with them. 

Taking pictures of what it felt like

and not just what it looked like.


Look deep to find your own interpration.



Every family has their own unique relationship with each other.

I bet, just like me when you were growing up when your mum or dad gave you that look you knew you had taken one step too far.

Or when you enter a room without anyone saying anything you can tell the feelings of the other person just by the way they look at you.

Just like when a loved one looks at you from the other side of the room you can tell what they are communicating without them smiling, laughing or frowning. It’s a special bond that you have between each other.


Stories within stories


So why do I love this particular photograph? I see so many different scenarios every time I look at this picture. It’s a photograph that has many stories within one moment. 

I’ll pick up on the stories within this photograph in just sec. 

I took this photograph on the fly as I walked through the hotel reception.  Luckily I always hold a camera in my hand. I think if I’d spent another couple of seconds reaching for my camera the boy would have made eye contact with me and this photograph wouldn’t be so compelling.

I wish I had stepped back just another couple of feet so the frame included both of the little boy’s legs. But hey as I say it was taken in a second or two.

What do you see?


As I mentioned above, I love this photograph as it shows so many stories within one moment.

Have the boys been told off?

Maybe they’re just bored?

How about no wifi?

Has the younger boy just got the other boy into bother?

Are the adults talking about the kid’s current behaviour? Is the man being told off for shouting at the older boy?

It could be something simple like the boy’s parents telling them to spend some time with their grandparents. 

I’d love to know what you see. Let me know in the comments.


Series 3 coming soon


I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I’ve spent time talking about it.

For me photographs are powerful. They mark a time in history. Photographs have the magical power of igniting all your senses. They can transport you back in time for your mind to experience past moments as if you were actually there.

This is why I take photographs of how it felt like and not just what it looked like.

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